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for healing, reassurance, closure, clarity and catharsis.

Maria Amore’s

therapeutic tarot

Although some tarot readers may use tarot cards for the purpose of predicting the future, I do not. The reason for this is that I believe we are each responsible for creating our reality, either with intention (consciously manifesting our desires) or by default (unconsciously attracting what we fear most). We are creating our future every present moment, with our thoughts, our words, our fears, our actions, and decisions, essentially with our vibration.

So if tarot cards do not predict the future, what do they do?

Tarot is a transcendental tool which helps us access our inner world so that we can understand ourselves, our path and our relationships on the deepest level. With this new awareness, we feel empowered to actively create the future we desire. I am here to support you, and offer you my readings for your highest good and for the highest good of everyone involved.

The language of the tarot is energy. The tarot connects to and picks up on the energy in you and around you. Your vibration is what the tarot reflects. This is why tarot is so helpful to us - because our own vibration is not easy to see. The tarot brings our vibration to our awareness.

In essence, tarot serves as a mirror so we can come to see what we may not readily see on our own. The cards show us where we are blocked, stuck, and what is holding us back. They can also show us our potential. They can show us what is probable if we continue along the same path, and what is possible if we choose a different path.


with Maria

“Every time I leave a session with Maria I feel crystal clear on my next steps, completely aligned with my intuition and rebuild trust in myself. Maria is a core part of my support system now. I couldn’t do this journey of life without her.”

  • Jennifer Jane Young

complete tarot reading

General spread and specific questions:

This is a one-on-one live reading done through video chat. We make use of various different tarot decks to address the specific needs of the clients.

90 mins / $90 USD.


Relationship analysis

Receive an in depth relationship analysis involving a relationship tarot reading, numerology, and astrology.

This is a live reading done through video chat with a written report sent via email

60 mins live reading + written report: $150 USD

OR written report only $100 USD.


mini tarot reading

For specific questions:

30 mins live reading / $45 USD


3 questions answered via email or text chat / $30 USD.



Maria Amore

I started off on the intellectual path. After completing a bachelor´s degree in psychology, I obtained 2 law degrees. My career as a corporate lawyer was fascinating and exciting, albeit brief. When my body shut down with chronic illness making it impossible to handle my demanding workload, I realized that my chosen career was spectacular in feeding my ego, but did little to feed my soul.

It was in illness that I turned to faculties other than my intellect, which I must say, were completely foreign to me. My illness forced me to learn the language of my body, my emotions and my intuition - all of which were shunned and forced to remain under the rigid control of my intellect for my whole life until then.

After several years of exploring alternative healing modalities and studying many of the esoteric arts, I finally felt ready to share my spiritual gift with the world: therapeutic tarot readings. My abilities for deep empathy, clairsentience, high sensitivity and strong connection to nature and animals, allow me to interpret the tarot in meaningful ways for clients.

The tarot readings are geared towards identifying the blocks and shortcomings we may not readily see in ourselves and our relationships. Clients always feel a sense of relief after our readings together. This is because tarot readings bring clarity, comfort, closure, catharsis and hope.

¨In everything, there is a gift. I always look for that gift. This guides me in my readings.¨

-Maria Amore